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This is a blog by J M Landers who’s an absolute nobody. He was a professional blogger for like 8 months one time and that’s all he’s got going for him.

He’s been writing a novel for years.

He’ll never finish it.

Anyways, Argue is about civility rationality and the need for practical conversation in modern society.

Or just whatever I feel like writing about on any particular day.

You probably shouldn’t be here honestly. What sort of reputable link would bring you to a place like this?

Whatever you do don’t email the author at jml@argueblog.com or you’ll never get him out of your inbox.

He’d probably add you to his email list and message you about the bizarre theories he comes up with every day at noon.

Or you can opt for weekly emails if daily is too much to handle.

If he sends you something with the word “novel” in the subject line though just don’t open it.

He’s delusional.

The dude’s not a novelist. But maybe his blog will work out okay.


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